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Castalune + 547 Energy

HOUSTON, Aug. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — An affiliate of 547 Energy LLC (“547 Energy”), the clean energy investment platform of Quantum Energy Partners (“Quantum”), announced today a strategic partnership with Castalune International LLC (“Castalune”), an energy transition company providing a comprehensive suite of next-generation analytics for investors and global energy players active in the decarbonization sector. 547 Energy and Castalune’s partnership will augment 547 Energy’s existing in-house investing and execution capabilities through the use of Castalune’s proprietary analytics platform – NetZero Optimizer™. This partnership will accelerate the expansion of Castalune’s analytics platform and broaden the number of services available for existing and future customers.

As part of the partnership, Castalune will support 547 Energy’s current and future investments by providing critical information as 547 Energy expands its investments across technology classes and geographies, creating opportunities for meaningful value-creation by optimizing commercial, technical, and capital allocation decisions at each stage of an asset’s lifecycle. This collaboration will expand the Castalune platform and its capabilities, further enabling the company to provide its services globally in a number of decarbonization verticals, such as onshore wind and solar, floating solar, offshore wind, energy management, and other clean energy infrastructure.

Castalune is well-positioned to contribute significant value to 547 Energy’s global platform. Castalune’s co-founders, Rob Miller and Zach Power, bring a combined 40+ years of experience across software systems, data analytics, and the global clean energy industry. As principals of Castalune they have created the NetZero Optimizer, which provides investors with a data-driven framework for decision-making at each stage of the asset lifecycle, maximizing the interactions between variables such as local and regional weather conditions, generation, load, physical infrastructure, commercial structures, wholesale commodity markets, congestion, emissions profiles, and project financing. Castalune’s customers use this framework to confidently navigate the rapidly changing markets and significantly increase value for their own customers and stakeholders.

“The ability to create and properly utilize next-generation analytics will be a key differentiator for clean energy investors in the coming decades, particularly as the sector continues to mature and increase in its level of competition,” said 547 Energy’s Founder, CEO, & President Gabriel Alonso. “Our partnership with Castalune provides 547 Energy with another unique set of capabilities to drive asset and investment performance across our existing portfolio and in new frontiers.”

“The adoption of software and data to make better energy infrastructure decisions has lagged behind the technical capabilities of modern tools, such as those we developed at Castalune,” said Rob Miller, Co-founder and CEO. “We are excited about the opportunities provided by partnering with 547 Energy, who has the vision to understand the power that modern technology has to enhance, optimize, and ultimately deliver differentiated clean energy solutions.”

“Since inception, our focus has been to create a best-in-class analytics platform that helps clean energy investors and their operating partners make critical decisions confidently. The partnership with 547 Energy provides an excellent opportunity to do so on a global level and across a diverse array of decarbonization strategies,” said Zach Power, Co-founder and Senior Vice President.

547 Energy views its collaboration with Castalune as a testament to its mission of partnering with innovative companies and development platforms across the globe that focus on cleantech, renewable power, energy efficiency, grid resilience and the digitalization of the energy sector. 547 Energy looks forward to being a value-add partner to Castalune as it grows its customer base and further establishes NetZero Optimizer as the leading analytics platform in the decarbonization sector.

About Castalune

Castalune is the trusted partner of growth-oriented companies who are seeking a competitive edge in the global energy transition. Castalune leverages its proprietary NetZero Optimizer platform to enhance decision-making throughout the asset lifecycle.

Since the company was founded in 2019, Castalune has been recognized by institutional leaders in technology innovation and the energy transition sectors, receiving more than $2 million in financial support from the U.S. Department of Energy’s innovation organization (ARPA-E), Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), and DCU FinTech Innovation Center.

About 547 Energy

547 Energy aims to maximize value for its investors by partnering with leading entrepreneurs who are driving growth in the global clean energy economy. To date, 547 Energy has invested in ConnectGenBlueFloat Energy, Aer Soleir, and certain affiliates of ENORA S.A. 

547 Energy was founded and is led by industry veteran Gabriel Alonso and is backed by Quantum Energy Partners, a leading provider of private equity capital to the responsibly sourced energy and energy transition & decarbonization sectors.  For more information on 547 Energy, please visit www.547energy.com, email info@547energy.com or contact Travis Salinas at tsalinas@547energy.com.

Why the name 547 Energy?

The human eye sees color over wavelengths ranging approximately from 400 nanometers (violet) to 700 nanometers (red), with the green sitting at roughly 490 to 575 nanometers. A wavelength of 547 nanometers is visible as “electric green”, a color which represents the overarching aim of 547 Energy – to advance towards a sustainable energy future.

About Quantum Energy Partners

Founded in 1998, Quantum Energy Partners is a leading global provider of private equity capital to the responsibly sourced energy and energy transition & decarbonization sectors, having managed together with its affiliates more than $18 billion in equity commitments since inception. For more information on Quantum, please visit www.quantumep.com or contact Michael Dalton at +1-713-452-2110.

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